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The dynamic between landlord and tenant can seem more like a dysfunctional marriage than a business arrangement involving real property. Each party has its own priorities and expectations, and sometimes these are at odds, which can quickly lead to a legal dispute or litigation. It is important for you to understand your legal rights if you live, own rental property or operate a property management business in Nassau County, Suffolk County or the Greater New York area.

Each party's rights are properly represented by housing laws and regulations at the municipal, state and federal level. These are often amended and updated, particularly in regard to landlord-tenant law. With 25 years serving the legal needs of clients on Long Island, the East Islip-based Rand Law Firm often represents clients on either side in landlord-tenant court. Founding attorney Peter L. Rand has a well-rounded perspective on this area of law. Moreover, his courtroom experience makes him a tenacious advocate for you in court, but his background in mediation and negotiation can help avoid damaging a business relationship beyond repair.

Representing Clients With Commercial Or Residential Interests

Landlord-tenant disputes that we proactively and creatively try to resolve concern:

  • Commercial leases: We quickly and efficiently draft documents or we can review an existing agreement to ensure that your rights are protected and the document adheres to the law.
  • Residential rental agreements: Even with the best of intentions, an agreement may not be legal. We provide reliable, knowledgeable advice to tenants, owners and managers.
  • Rent increases and evictions: This is a particularly contentious area of housing law in New York. We ensure that any changes made to the agreement are enforceable and legal. We also represent tenants who we believe were unfairly evicted.
  • Illegal rentals: Whether the living space is used for an Airbnb or a traditional rental, illegal rentals are commonplace and can be expensive if the owner is cited.
  • Rental discrimination: A landlord cannot refuse to rent to you because of your race, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender or because you have children.

The northeastern United States and Long Island in particular have some of the highest rents in the country, making rent a hot-button topic for many in the area. Townships will draft rent and eviction control ordinances, but voters do not always approve them. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable and effective real estate lawyer if you have concerns about the laws in your town.

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