Prenups And Postnups Offer A Solid Financial Foundation

Prenuptial agreements have traditionally been the domain of the wealthy or couples who have been married before. However, we are now in an era of dual-income families as well as families with well-structured estate plans, and keeping finances separate might be the smartest idea. Whatever the reason, it is much more common today for couples of all income levels to enter into marriage with a prenuptial agreement.

At The Rand Law Firm, P.C., we regularly work with couples in Nassau County and Suffolk County here on Long Island looking to formalize their financial arrangements. Our family law attorneys work with financial experts to help determine what is fair, or the couple can construct one of their own with help from attorney Peter L. Rand. We ensure that it is the right document for you and enforceable in court.

How A Prenup Can Protect You

A premarital agreement can have many conditions, but here are some commonly addressed issues to consider:

  • Asset protection: This can be money, retirement accounts or a business.
  • Protection from debt: Perhaps your future spouse wants to start a risky new business venture or has a lot of credit card debt or student loans.
  • Clarified obligations: It can address financial rights and obligations.
  • Peace of mind: Some couples do not want money issues encroaching on their relationship.

What Is A Postnup?

Postnuptial agreements work on the same principle as a prenup, but the timing is different. Instead of drafting an agreement before the marriage, a postnup is often drafted when a couple is contemplating separation or divorce. The reason for this is to once again lay a firm groundwork as the couple transitions into a new phase.

Contact The Rand Law Firm To Learn More About Prenups And Postnups

These family law agreements are important legal documents. If your spouse has one drawn up and wants you to sign it, it is always advisable to have a prenuptial agreement lawyer review it first. Even if you have an agreement in place, there still may be options to amend it here in New York. Call us at 631-693-4574 or contact us online to set up an appointment to discuss your questions.