Filing For Divorce In New York

Filing for divorce here in New York can be one of the most difficult choices an individual can make. It can also impact the lives of loved ones, particularly when there are children involved. However, difficult decisions are often the right ones. The Rand Law Firm, P.C., based in Islip, is here to help if you and your spouse have decided to terminate your marriage or if you need to serve divorce papers.

Attorney Peter L. Rand has 25 years' experience practicing family law and has worked on hundreds of divorce cases over that time with the help of his experienced staff. Whether it is civil and uncontested divorce or challenging and you think it is going to court, we are here to protect you and your legal rights during this difficult time. Attorney Rand is a hands-on lawyer well-known by colleagues and clients alike as someone who tailors his course of action based on the needs of the family and goals of the client.

Important Matters We Address In Divorce

Individuals must make a variety of important decisions about the family's future when they go through this process. Matters to consider include:

  • Tone of the separation: We believe a collaborative approach is the best and most effective way to deal with these difficult issues, but that may not always be an option. We are aggressive in court when we need to be.
  • Your parenting plan: It is important for every parent to have a plan to stay involved in the lives of their children. Unfortunately, they may not agree on that level of involvement. Joint custody does not always mean equal time at each parent's home, but allows parents to have an equal say in raising their children.

  • Child support: While an equation is used, it is crucial that children are well provided for, with health care included.
  • Dividing assets: This can be a contentious area, particularly in high-asset divorces or ones that include businesses. The split is not half and half, but rather what is equitable under the law.

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