Fighting Drug Charges

Many states have moved toward the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, but it is still unlawful to possess any controlled substance that is not prescribed by a doctor. Prosecutors take a dim view of drug crimes, aggressively pursuing charges for even a small amount in possession. The best way for you or a loved one to achieve a positive legal result is to hire an attorney with experience fighting drug charges.

Rand Law Firm, P.C., founder Peter L. Rand has 25 years' experience on Long Island defending his clients against charges. Not only does he have a broad range of courtroom experience, but he is also attentive to the needs of his clients. If you are facing a possession arrest or distribution or manufacturing charges, it is crucial to speak with a drug defense lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

A Proven Defender Who Gets Results

A veteran lawyer who handles drug charges understands the legal protocols that go into a proper arrest. Such a lawyer also can see when law enforcement makes mistakes or tries to cut corners, such as conducting an illegal search and seizure, and file an order to suppress that evidence. We aggressively defend clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges involving:

  • Possession of marijuana, heroin, opiates or crystal meth
  • Possession of illegally obtained prescription drugs
  • The manufacturing or cultivation of illegal drugs
  • Possession with intent to sell

The Consequences Of Drug Charges

The penalties will, of course, vary depending on the charges. However, there is a strong chance of a jail sentence, particularly for repeat offenders. Other drug charge issues can include:

  • Loss of employment or future employment opportunities
  • Loss of student aid
  • Loss of a driver's license

One Indiscretion Can Change The Course Of A Life

If you or a loved one faces drug charges in Suffolk County, Nassau County or Greater New York, it is crucial to find the right attorney as quickly as possible. Not only are the charges often serious and the impact long term, but the defendant may need chemical dependency help he or she is not going to find while incarcerated. A skilled drug defense can offer a wide range of options to fight or reduce the impact of the court's sentence.

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